Friday, 25 September 2009

One small step for technophobe kind!

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Drama in the community ! Where I will tell you my thoughts and goings on ( aren't you lucky!) and generally comment on everything that is happening within this module and some little extras about my life outside of the module , if you play your cards right!

So on friday I went along to the comedy night in the theatre , where we were to be entertained by comedians from the school of comedy in camden . I thoroughly enjoyed the night but some did appeal to me more than others. All in all the night was a success and I hope it is the first of many more comedy nights at uni and after that in true student style we went the s.u to see a d.j called shai fx which I spent most of the night calling him chai tea! On Saturday I ventured down to the Mary Wallace theatre , which is a little theatre in Twickenham hidden away by the Barmy arms. My good friend Bonnie was staring in a play called Iron by Rona Munro . The play attempted to pull heavy on the heartstrings with it's strained relationship through a mother and a daughter , but lack of movement on stage meant it was easy for the audience to become disengaged. But Bonnie was great and it was great to go to a theatre I had new been to do let alone never knew exisited.
My weekend of entertainment didn't end there on saturday evening me , kate , sammy and fellow drama in the community fiend rachel went to the smarts festival . It had a great laid back feel and we just sat and sipped cider like ladies and listened to the music. Next on my theatrical agenda was to go and see ' Popcorn' at uni which was a piece being directed by ex drama student , matt stenning . The play itself really surprised me and the time flew by , so well done to matt and the second years !