Monday, 19 October 2009

♫ Don't dream it be it ♫

It was just a jump to left then a step to righhhhttttt! All the way to woking to see my beloved Rocky horror , extreme some might cry , alas not for a die hard fan such as myself . I love love love Rocky Horror , have done since I first saw the film many moons ago. I know , I know it's not avante garde theatre or some hot new writer but I don't care I love it ! To break away from my usual tradition of dressing up when I go to see it I decided to wear my normal clothes and see whether that effected my experience , well it didn't make they tiniest bit off difference. To those of you who are unaware of Rocky horror 1. I am shocked and appalled 2. go and see it now ! What I love about it is that it doesn't take itself too seriously its fun and eccentric and just a tad bit naughty from start to finish ! I took my house mate Amy who had never even heard of Rocky Horror really apart from when I bang on about it. I gave her a word of warning to go in with an open mind and I think it worked because she really enjoyed it , admittedly taken back at times by some of its rather absurd and risque moments but never the less , she had a good time!I know I am banging on about it now and I will try and stop but it's hard this is my favourite musical ! Where is woking ? I know I went but honestly I wouldn't be able to find it again! my sense of direction isn't the greatest at times but I need to stop thinking that I have an inner compass when I blatantly don't , just ask zoe! I once tried to direct us to the McDonald's in twickenham and we ended up in southhall thanks to me and what really takes the biscuit never got a maccy d's !

Patsy Burns , have you found the fountain of youth ! no seriously we had a vocal workshop with the delectable Geordie today and I just kept thinking , you look younger than me . Patsy if your reading this let me in on your secret ! On a serious note the workshop was brilliant and it was good to get the old vocal cords in motion again , not many people no this but I used to be a keen musical theatre performer and actually auditioned to go to musical theatre school , however fate intervened in the form of my dodgy nose and led me down the path of st.Mary's which was definately the better choice for me ! Patsy was just like an oracle of voice knowledge and I really hope I get to work with her again.

Ladels and Jelly spoons its been quite a day and I think it's time to retire to my chamber , so I bid you goodnight and hope you learn a valuable lesson from this blog enrty ...................................That Rocky Horror is amazing !

Saturday, 17 October 2009

sensible shoes

So with Michelle being off recently I have been using my free time wisely ....not but I am not gonna bore you with the details (that's a lie ) ha ! So on Monday the ' cardboard citizens ' came to uni and we all piled into the theatre to see them , and I tell you what it was well worth the £ 8 ! They are company that uses forum theatre to tell stories and allows the audiences to take part and try and change the outcome , most of their work is performed in hostels with a lot of their work being by Homeless people for Homeless people. Plenty of people got up and tried to resolve the problem and I do wish that I had got up because I did have some ideas. However I had a serious issue that stopped me from getting up on stage .... my shoes ! I swear the heels were 5 inches tall and I just knew if I got up in those shoes I would end up stacking it in front of everyone which wouldn't usually be a problem because I not the most graceful at the best of times but it really wasn't the time or place for another high moment in my life involving me embarrassing myself again!
After the performance we headed to the s.u along with actors , were along with sipping cider and black through a straw ( class act , I know ) I chatted ( harassed) the actors about how they started with the company and if they had any advice for me , they were lovely and extremely helpful. I was really interested in finding out how they began to write the plays as I have a keen interest in writing and would love to have a go at writing and performing my own forum piece.
When Mark set us the task of performing a story for no longer than 5 minutes, straight away I thought of the poem ' the owl and the pussy cat ' as it was a favourite of mine as a child. Zoe was really excited and we went into creative mode and lets just say with us two the sky is the limit. We decided that we wouldn't be content with just telling the story but rather building a set and acting the poem out. We then went trawling through Twickenham charity shops and even made a brief visit to a timber yard! I randomly had loads of cardboard in my house so the obvious thing to do was to make a pea green boat ! have you ever tried to find pea green paint its hard , like trying to find tartan paint !
I loved working with Zoe because her enthusiasm for theatre is infectious and she was brilliant and full of ideas. We had so much fun it was like we were in blue peter , we had cardboard all over her living room and paint everywhere including on my feet because as always I was my accident prone self! I can't draw to save my life but luckily Zoe can and I am a dab hand with a paint brush so we were the perfect creative team. I was actually quite nervous to perform it on Friday but once we got into it I enjoyed it getting so into it I knocked a wine bottle over with my tale !
How beautiful is Ham House gardens , seriously ! When we got given the tour the whole way round I reckon i probably looked like a goldfish with my mouth wide open . I was pleased to find out that even when the house is shut to the public the gardens are still open. So that's on my to-do list now along with the ghost tour , which I am so excited for I hope its just like most haunted down to the annoying scouse one , no not me! I mean Derek Acorah