Tuesday, 11 May 2010

curtain call!

This is crazy the time has literally flown by since I last blogged ! I have been living a library filled nightmare over the past few weeks ! All my essays and dissertation where in around the same time , so me and the library became well acquainted! My dissertation I hope went well after I stayed in the library for over 24 hours ! After the dissertation was bounded and handed in I headed off to the mosque with Zoe to meet Rashid about getting his congregation involved in the day well he was ever so helpful, even inviting a lady from a Christian church to get her involved ! so fingers crossed she is keen to get involved !
After that crazy day and night , the next day I headed of Home to see my friends, family and of course to vote! I do love going home but I never seem to have a moments peace as I always rushing around seeing friends and family , not that I am complaining ! No sooner had I got back from Liverpool than was I in rehearsal at sharmilla's ! I do love doing the reminiscence project its so refreshing to do something new , and I really enjoy devising from the peoples memories. Ham House 400th birthday is really kicking off ! everyone is so busy doing their jobs I don't know what we will do with ourselves when its all over , sleep maybe , ha!
It seems like no time at all since we started d.i.c and mark was explaining about blogging and what exactly it was ! And here we are almost finished ! The story that myself and Ben wrote is going well , we cast it an everyone has been given copies of the script. It's a shame but there isn't enough parts for everyone to be involved but we will be so busy on the day that no one Will be doing nothing. I really don't know what to expect of the day , I do the night though....after party at Marks ! ha ha I am only joking ! I have every faith in us as a group that if we all pull together we can make the day a success.
Even though uni will be finished I will of course not sitting still for long I have ' when women wee' at the Camden fringe festival and a new project at Richmond theatre that I have become involved through the lovely Carolina. The project at Richmond theatre is to celebrate its birthday as well! I am really excited and grateful to be involved in the project as I think it will be a great experience for me to do some work in a theatre.
Its rather sad to be saying goodbye to d.i.c and the blogging because it means its over and I am so not ready to enter the real word and dare I say it , become an adult ! To be honest I can't believe my three years has come to an end it seems like only yesterday that I said goodbye to all my friends and family in the north , I vividly remember my nan telling me if I didn't like it I could move in with her and my grandad , which is funny considering they live 5 minutes away from my home ! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity's I have been given , some of them I would of never even considered without a push ! I have loved every second of Uni and wish everyone the very best in the future !