Monday, 19 October 2009

♫ Don't dream it be it ♫

It was just a jump to left then a step to righhhhttttt! All the way to woking to see my beloved Rocky horror , extreme some might cry , alas not for a die hard fan such as myself . I love love love Rocky Horror , have done since I first saw the film many moons ago. I know , I know it's not avante garde theatre or some hot new writer but I don't care I love it ! To break away from my usual tradition of dressing up when I go to see it I decided to wear my normal clothes and see whether that effected my experience , well it didn't make they tiniest bit off difference. To those of you who are unaware of Rocky horror 1. I am shocked and appalled 2. go and see it now ! What I love about it is that it doesn't take itself too seriously its fun and eccentric and just a tad bit naughty from start to finish ! I took my house mate Amy who had never even heard of Rocky Horror really apart from when I bang on about it. I gave her a word of warning to go in with an open mind and I think it worked because she really enjoyed it , admittedly taken back at times by some of its rather absurd and risque moments but never the less , she had a good time!I know I am banging on about it now and I will try and stop but it's hard this is my favourite musical ! Where is woking ? I know I went but honestly I wouldn't be able to find it again! my sense of direction isn't the greatest at times but I need to stop thinking that I have an inner compass when I blatantly don't , just ask zoe! I once tried to direct us to the McDonald's in twickenham and we ended up in southhall thanks to me and what really takes the biscuit never got a maccy d's !

Patsy Burns , have you found the fountain of youth ! no seriously we had a vocal workshop with the delectable Geordie today and I just kept thinking , you look younger than me . Patsy if your reading this let me in on your secret ! On a serious note the workshop was brilliant and it was good to get the old vocal cords in motion again , not many people no this but I used to be a keen musical theatre performer and actually auditioned to go to musical theatre school , however fate intervened in the form of my dodgy nose and led me down the path of st.Mary's which was definately the better choice for me ! Patsy was just like an oracle of voice knowledge and I really hope I get to work with her again.

Ladels and Jelly spoons its been quite a day and I think it's time to retire to my chamber , so I bid you goodnight and hope you learn a valuable lesson from this blog enrty ...................................That Rocky Horror is amazing !

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