Monday, 2 November 2009

migrating north for the winter !

Fellow bloggers , I write to you today from a far off distant land known as Ormskirk a.k.a my home town ! I decided that a visit home was in order and you know what I am glad I did ! I decided not to tell my family of my visit and surprise them but when I got home I was ringing the bell for ages because my mum didn't answer the door straight away because she thought I was selling something , charming ! It is great to be home especially since I get to see my grandparents as my grandad is possibly the funniest man alive ! He has recently had a new shower installed and is so impressed with it he says its a waste to use it as a shower and instead wants to hang plants in it ! I swear my whole family are crackers we make the Adam's family look sane !

well what a week I have had ! It was a sad day for my house in wild wild whitton on Wednesday as Kate's beloved hamster nelson passed away but he had a great life and was quite the fitness fanatic I can tell you ! he spent hours and hours on that wheel lets hope there is a giant one for him in hamster heaven ! Thursday was the drama social in vodka revs , which was great because we got to mix with the first and second years which doesn't happen very often but hopefully will more in the future . And Friday well Friday was Franks birthday and what a night it was ! we all sauntered along to Hounslow arriving in style by the 281 and then having no idea where the pub was but thankfully Sammy has a keen sense of direction and she got us all there in one piece! Frank was as always on top form a always! Frank was up singing and dancing the whole night as was everyone else and I have to mention Ben and Jacks rendition of ' Don't let me down ' they tried they really did but lets just say we won't be seeing them on x factor anytime soon ! unless they become st Mary's answer to John and Edward ! Halloween is always a favourite night of mine and this year was no exception , I went to a party at fellow drama and community goer Ben's flat in Clappham which was so much fun especially since me ,Sammy and Rachel dressed up as zombie children !
OK OK back to what I am actually meant to talk about! So we had a talk about films and the national trust , they get a lot of money to open their doors I tell you ! I only wish someone would pay me that to film in our house but no one would apart from Kim and Aggy! I think personally using the likes of Ham House in films is a great idea because the money goes back into the house and therefore everybody wins !

This Friday however we had a behind the scenes tour with Pam and her hubby a delightful chap but I can't remember his name ! Both of them are volunteers and obviously loved the house greatly which was apparent throughout the tour as they both knew their stuff and made it interesting. During our all access back stage tour we came across a window with the name Emily scratched onto it , Pam told us that it had been scratched onto the window by a member of staff called John McFarlane who later committed suicide! Now some sceptics i.e Mark Griffin suggested that it was just a simple case of John liking Emily and she not returning the affection. However I myself believe that they were two star crossed lovers separated by the class system who could never be together in the physical world but would one day be reunited in another more accepting world !( ha ha) But of course this is only speculation and he could of been writing the name Emily because he forgot his own !

What I love about drama in the community is that; I get to really use my imagination as does everyone else making the ideas process fascinating. Now I can't recall who came up with the idea but someone suggested that we be dotted around the house telling different stories to people and that we would have to improvise with the audience , I absolutely love this idea ! You never know what children are going to say and it would be great to interact with children and adults as a character. Mark was talking about people possibly taking on the role of ' actors' putting on a play and having them be like a comedy duo, one really serious and one that is silly and relying on good comic timing to make it successful.

After the lecture on Friday I really started to get excited about the project , I have a great feeling about it and I truly believe we can make it a success. There is a great bunch of people in the module no two people the same which I believe will definitely work in the company's favour as everyone can bring something unique to the table! At this current time I am undecided exactly what path I will take within the production but to be honest since I am attending all three weekends I wouldn't mind having a go at a bit of everything.

Are your eyes tired yet I will stop soon , I promise ! Also on Friday I went to see ' The dumb waiter' by Harold Pinter put on by members of the drama society. I have never seen any of Pinter's work staged before and I was rather intrigued to see what it would be like. I enjoyed the play and thought it was suited to being one act and the two second years playing Gus and Ben did a great job ! It was quite a week and I have a feeling this week is going to be just as chaotic so I am sure I will have plenty to write about as always for my next blog entry !

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