Tuesday, 24 November 2009

a cheesy sign off line

Well it's been a whole week since I last blogged and what have I done since then ? to be honest I really don't know the whole week has just been a blur ! Lets see on Wednesday we had a D.I.C lecture where we went through possible poems and stories for the Ham House Christmas project , I wasn't really into mine and was starting to feel a bit lost about my place in the project but luckily that all changed on Friday but more about that later. Now Wednesday was also a dear friend of mines 21st Birthday the lovely Leon ! So in true Drama style we all glammed up for a night on the tiles in central at Zoo bar which I have to say I wasn't particularly fond of ! But the night itself was brilliant plenty of drama peeps came along to wish Leon a happy birthday. I don't want to divulge to much but lets just say it was a night of messy madness and I loved it ! Everyone was merry and on top form , I even did my heather small impression for a few lucky people ! It wouldn't be a drama night out without drama and boy did we have it , by the bucket load ! Ewart had twisted his ankle but didn't realise until he started to bust a move ! Oh and poor Sammy managed to get her phone stolen as we were walking to the night bus stop , we think she may have accidentally lost it when she was buying those oh so important chips at the end of the night ! But apart from that it was a fabulous night.

National rail were the bane of my life last week! I had to go into central for a meal with my uncle but was really late because the signs at the train station kept lying to me ! It would say the train was cancelled so I would run over to the other platform but when I got there the supposedly cancelled train came ! I was not impressed but my meal with my uncle made up for it . He has to be my favourite uncle and not just because he pays for a 3 course meal with cocktails, well maybe!

Now onto Friday ! So Friday we were in the house getting a feel for it so when we come to perform we will be familiar with it . Now as I mentioned before I was starting to worry about my role in the Christmas project , I wasn't satisfied with my poem and my performance however thanks to Karina and Megan that's all changed! The had come up with the concept of a question and answers session with Mrs Claus santa's son and a elf , well as soon as they suggested it I was in ! So being the shrinking violet that I am , it was quite out of character for me to put myself forward for the part of Mrs Claus ! We came up with the idea that Mrs Claus is feminist who is the brains behind the whole operation , who has a family and a career she does it all , what a woman! My part will involve knowing the back story to Mrs Claus but in order to make the Q&A real I will be hot seated by the audience , which I am so excited for because I love improvisation and hot seating , all in all the perfect part for me !

Now with Hard work comes Hard play and last week was the week of the birthdays! So on Friday night after waiting a HOUR ! for the 281 we eventually made to Jack's birthday at the red lion. I don't smoke but I swear sometimes I suffer because of this as everyone I was out with was puffing a way outside , so guess who else has to be outside ... me ! After spending our time at the red lion outside we hopped on the wonderfully reliable 281 to Kingston to Baccus the smallest club in the world, I am pretty sure my wardrobe is bigger than the dance floor ! But like Cinderella I was going to turn into a pumpkin if I stayed out too late so me Kate and Zoe left at 1.

The weekend went by in no time probably because I slept away most of it , I got sent home from work for being ill which meant I missed out on tips but then got to sleep for hours for medicinal purposes , swings and roundabouts you see ! On Sunday I met up with my partner in crime Zoe to talk business , well the 12 hour musical which everyone will be coming too !

Living in London and being a fan of the theatre I thought I would go and see something cultured and wildly intelligent and on the pulse so what did I go and see.....New Moon , of course ! I am not ashamed to admit it I love the twilight saga ! Edward , Bella , Jacob the whole gang ! I read the first three books in the summer in the space of a week , they took over my life ! I really enjoyed the film and my ice blast ! all in all a perfect evening ! As always I have chattered on for far too long and I am sure I have plenty of work I could be doing ,so until next time keep watching the sky ! hahaha

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