Sunday, 15 November 2009

In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street, and in the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark Ham House,

That night the sky was a black as coal the rain fell so heavily it pierced my skin and the wind was strong and violent blowing everything out of its path. The stretch of road was bare but as the rain pelted against the windows and the wind gently rocked the car a shiver went down my spine was it nervousness or excitement I was feeling? The usual short car journey up the path seem to take forever ,my eyes darted about looking at everything and thinking how different it all looked illuminated in the moon light. The house was in darkness apart from the dim flames of the candles burning in the windows , with every new step towards the door my heart began to race, rapidly as the wind whistled teasingly in my ear until we reached the front door. As I reached for the door handle a loud clap of thunder broke in the dark nights sky , we jumped back in terror and their right behind us
stood ...........Derek Acorah ! how funny would that be if it actually happened

But seriously we went to a ghost tour of the House which was brilliant , the house was completely different at night all quiet and eerie. We were taken around the house by two tour guides ken and Raymond who told us stories about the ghosts and the spooky goings on in the house by torch light. We were told there had been quite a few ghostly sightings at the house but unfortunately we didn't see any that night but who knows in the weeks to come !

The tour went beyond the house into the gardens which were even more beautiful at night if it is possible . The house is steeped in all sorts of unique personal history that made the tour all the more interesting as the guides really bought the people to life. Raymond what a legend ! he was our tour guide for outside and what a story teller he was ! As he guided us around the gardens telling us spooky tales he would use pause to create tension and speak quietly and softly to draw all the audience in , the man is a pro! I loved loved loved the ghost tour but was deeply disappointed not to have seen a ghost and was rather gutted that I didn't get the chance to do my Derek acorah impression!

Apologies for my poem on Friday it was a bit of a tongue twister and seemed to go on forever , don't get me wrong I liked playing the part of an old lady; head scarf hunch the works but the poem itself I felt didn't move on swiftly enough to engage children or adults to be quite frank. I had other stories prepared which I think would be better for the project at Christmas. We also did some exercises to try and create a certain atmosphere without doing the obvious acting moves, which was harder than most of us anticipated.

Today however has been MAD I have not stopped all day ! yet another wonderful musical lecture with Michelle talking about Billy Elliot . Also I have booked my flight to Spain , spiral here I come ! Although ryanair are unbelievable I seriously think they may charge me to breath on the flight since they charge for everything else ! But that isn't the important part actually going to Spain is ! I am really excited to go in December although I do not speak a word of Spanish but I can learn !

Third year is so hectic right now and I absolutely love it ! I am getting to do so much amazing stuff that I really don't want to ever leave uni. Also just going to take this opportunity to plug the ' 12 hour musical ' on the 7Th December , I expect to see you audience there for the full 12 hours , only joking! Anyway I have rambled on for quite a while and I do believe its tea time ( dinner time to you southerners)

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