Thursday, 7 January 2010

♫ A place forever in our hearts ♫

On Saturday the 12th myself , Charlotte, Hannah and Zoe had our last performance at Ham house because on the Sunday we were to be jetting off to Spain. The day started early with myself and Zoe going the post office to get our euros , all very exciting. Once we reached Ham House it was hard to think of anything but Spain as we excitedly discussed the events of the next day. However once the rest of the cast arrived we pushed Spain to the backs of our mind and got into performance mode. Myself and Hannah were very vocal in our roles and this often left Megan and Karina with little to do , so I was glad that I was only doing three performances because it gave the other two a chance to perform in their own piece which they had created and I am sure they both brought their own unique spin to it.

After Ham House we all headed home, some to sleep others to pack ! I am the first to admit that packing is not my strong point nor do I enjoy it but it had to be done. I am not one for travelling light so I decided that this trip would be a perfect opportunity for change this so; rather than throw as many clothes in my bag as possible , I chose my outfits for each day this meant I would only take the bare minimum ( well for me anyway). So with my bag packed and everything checked off on my list , I tried to get some shut eye for the next day. On the Sunday morning while on the phone to Charlotte I suddenly realised that I hadn't packed a single pair of trousers ! so I had to change my travel outfit and wear jeans! The journey to the airport was fun and even more fun for Hans dad who drove us there !

Now once we got to the airport we had a slight run in with Ryan air and their weight limit but that was resolved and before we knew it we were getting frisked ! At the airport we met the second years we didn't really know them then so it was polite conversation all around however after a week you would of thought we had known each other for years ! The flight flew by ( no pun intended) and before we knew it we were in Santander! At the airport we were greeted by the three members of spiral ; Chris, Carol and Marta oh and not forgetting Carols mum! We were all greeted with the friendliest welcome kisses and hugs galore before all clambering in cars to get to..... Beliva !

We had Chris as our chauffeur who gave us a brief political history of Spain which I personally had no idea about , I had only been in the country five minutes and was already learning something new, I knew right there it was going to be quite a trip ! The Journey from the airport took about an Hour and we passed lots of beautiful scenery , so we were told but it was dark so how would we know ! When we arrived in Beliva there before us was our house for the week a beautiful town house ! As soon as we all entered the house it was a frantic dash round the house to see the rooms and of course shot gun the best one ! Myself and Charlotte shotgunned a big room upstairs ideal for all our luggage! Once every one's room had been decided we sat down for dinner which was cooked for us by the fabulous Marta ! After a wonderful meal and getting to know each other conversation it was time for bed as we needed our rest because we had no idea what the next day would involve !

Monday 14th - The day started with us all up and ready for action at ten making our way to the local community centre were Chris proceeded in showing us a slide show on Spain , spiral and the work they do . The work spiral do is incredible! where they get their inspiration and ideas from I don't know but I would love to find out! A piece that stuck in my mind was their work with British water ways , they had designed a boat and made it out of entirely recycled materials and the boat looked amazing ! After the presentation I have to admit I was rather in awe of Spiral and their work and did think what use was I going to be to them .

After the presentation it was supermarket time so me , Zoe , Han and Charlotte bundled into Chris's van and headed to Lu pa ! It was quite an experience to be buying food for nine people but we soon got the hang of it ! After we had sufficiently filled the trolley to the max we headed back to Beliva for a quick bite before the evenings activities. I was quite nervous to meet the actors because they had been working on the piece for weeks and here was us coming in the final week and not speaking a word of the language ! But I needn't have been worried the cast were so welcoming and friendly we were put instantly at ease after a serious round of hugging and kissing. We soon settled into watching the rehersal even though I didnt understand the langauge I began to undertand the moods of the scenes through the actors body language and tones. After rehersal we were all rather tired it had been a hectic day so we all went off to bed with the days events swirling around our minds.

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