Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Times are they really a changing?

While browsing the guardian website on Sunday I came across an article that really made my blood boil! The article was exposing a new book out next week called 'Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough' With a title like that it sounds like a best seller but not for the right reasons ! The article looks at the authors belief that women shouldn't look for a man they feel a deep connection with , instead settle because other wise they will end up lonely ! The author then blames feminism for women believing they can have it all !" It is not just feminism that has betrayed women by telling them they could have it all, said Gottlieb: every book, film and television show that perpetuates the myth of combining romantic love with a happy-ever-after ending – from Jane Austen to Friends – has done women a great and dangerous disservice." For one how does feminism and the later statement go hand in hand? Her comment about friends I admit is somewhat relevant ,but we have to look at the before hand where did the idea for the happy ending come from and why always is it the women looking for the perfect man ? I know , I know its in our nature to have children and pair off but why ? there is nothing wrong with not having children and its cruel how women who choose not to have children are looked down upon in society !

OK , so I am ranting but I feel blogging is a good place to let the emotion out ! But unfortunately I haven't finished. The earthquake in haiti is a terrible disaster with so many dead and so many peoples lives ruined , it really makes you take stock of how lucky we are and makes you think how can I help... well you would think! But the politician Nick Griffin has other ideas ,Griffin said, "Sending aid to rioting ingrates while our own people die is stinking elite hypocrisy." This is utterly disgraceful , calling someone ungrateful and riotous when these peoples society has collapsed around them is utterly disgraceful! So I write this comment to urge people to vote other wise the B.M.P will win more seats, not enough people our age vote , we are luckily enough to have the right to vote so please use it wisely because every vote matters!

Right OK so back on to drama ! Its so scary to think that this is my last semester at st.Marys , where does the time go?! So its been rather busy lately trying to organise the Ham House project in the summer and delegating jobs. My Job is in fundraising which I am looking forward too and have already started emailing people and finding out about grants. We are thinking of holding a night in the s.u which I am keen to make an event rather than a social. The Project itself is really taking shape with its numerous choirs which will help create a real sense of community on the day. Zoe's procession idea has gone down a treat and its been decided that it will start at Ham common with everyone then walking to the house. Its going to be quite a day and I am keen to get the other years involved so we can have our own st.Marys community there too!


  1. I read about this too. It's so full of assumptions about gender roles, biology and age and only really incites panic. Women or men who 'settle' to be with somebody they're not deeply inspired by will surely be more lonely in the relationship than if they stayed on there own and cultivated sociable friends and companions. There are many ways to love.

  2. i totally agree mark , love is not just constrained to romantic feelings !