Friday, 5 February 2010

Busy bee!

Its been quite a week ! Monday I did some filming to help out my dear friend Rachel for her t.v project which was set at the soap awards! I had to dress up smart and present an award and sit around drinking imaginary champagne. When I wasn't drinking imaginary champagne I was trying to get the hang of how fundraising works. Myself and Jade have been busy looking into and applying for grants for the summer project at Ham House. Its not the easiest task I must admit but it is a great learning curve and important skill I will no doubt need in the future. The project is really coming together and everyone is doing brilliantly at their jobs, its great to see everyone taking on such responsibility and really working hard. We had a good meeting on Thursday and mark gave us that much needed push to move beyond the planning stages and start getting in contact with people. After the meeting myself , mark , Zoe and Carolina headed to Ham to begin making connections with the community we of course went to the pub , which will more thank likely be our club house when in Ham!
Me and Jade are currently trying to organise a fundraising event at the s.u which will hopefully be Mexican themed ( thanks Carolina) so we setting up a meeting with Ben next week to put our plan into action. Jade and I have spent all afternoon tucked away in the office applying for grants so fingers crossed they get back to us soon! I also have been trying to get in contact with religious groups but no such look yet but I will try again next week.

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  1. Mexican theme... BRILLIANT!!! Good job guys xx