Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It has been too long !

I don't know what happened to me, I used to be an avid blogger but I have been rather rubbish lately but I am attempting to change that! Well its been a rather busy few weeks with the ' Ham House' project and my uni work but i can say that i am feeling a lot more confident about things than before. The fundraising part is going well still applying for applications and learning with every step ! The prospect of fundraising is rather daunting but also enjoyable too and a valid skill I can use post uni. I have been contacting the local political parties and asking them to GET INVOLVED ! along with other religious groups so fingers crossed they all want to be involved. I would love it if we had a diversity of faiths in the procession it would be an amazing way of uniting the whole community.
I am attempting to write my dissertation everyday of my life but seem to have writers block which is ironic since I can blog for days ! My dissertation subject is women in theatre which I love because I get to research all these amazing women who had a profound affect on theatre today. Its just fabulous to see how far women have come in theatre and how many talented women performers and practitioners there are.
Every Sunday I venture to Camden to attend comedy school were we are being guided in the art of stand up comedy. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my whole life ! people were chosen at random to get up and tell an embarrassing story I was dreading my name being called and felt physically sick ! for one where would I start I mean I manage to fall over at least once a day and I seem to be drawn to embarrassing situations like a moth to a flame ! Luckily my name wasn't called on Sunday but I have a feeling this week could be my week! Although I am slightly petrified i am enjoying it and it is not as easy as going on stage and telling a few jokes, which is good for me because i can't tell a joke to save my life ! A lot of planning and hard work goes into creating a stand up routine and we are encouraged to keep an ideas notebook , which I already do !
On Saturday I treated myself to a night at the theatre and went to see " Really old like forty-five" at the national. The play explored how Alzheimer's effects a person and their family and dealt with the issue of euthanasia in pill form. While I liked the initial ideas , I didn't really enjoy the performance. They had a robotic nurse dealing with the patients in the hospital, yes it was funny at first but i felt she ruined tender and poignant moments with unnecessary laughter.The nurses physicality's however were brilliant and believable as a robot and she did an excellent job. I felt the play lacked depth and that instead of just touching the surface on several issues i thought it would of been better if it just explored one. However it did get me thinking about getting older and how society has such a problem with growing old! Getting old is a part of life yet some people go to extreme lengths to try and defy mother nature. I think personally the media has a lot to answer for as we are constantly bombarded with images of what " beautiful " is with the beauty always being focused on the young.
I went to see 'off the endz' at the Royal court on Tuesday and after hearing some negative comments I was pleasantly surprised. I was sat up in the gods but for £6 I didn't mind ! I do think the plays characters at times were very stereotypical and it dragged at bit in parts but the majority of the performance I enjoyed. I was impressed with the young actors acting and how they handled the material.
Enough blogging for now , I must return to doing my dissertation on a Saturday night , living the dream guys , living the dream!


  1. Fantastic that you're seeing so much theatre Jennie! Particularly as it's the work of new writers who are bound to help you understand what to - and what not to - do with your own material.

    Good luck with the Stand Up!

  2. Jennie- I know i don't say much in meetings. I'm a better listener but I want to say to you and Jade well done on the fund raising work. Big thumbs up!!I know the process of trying and not succeeding gets frustrating and tiresome but a saying come to mind "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again and you will be successful" x