Thursday, 18 March 2010

mumps !

So I am back in business after been struck down with mumps for a week , which was not fun! Everyone laughed at me when I said I may have mumps some even suggested that I was being dramatic ! well I showed them and also I secretly licked them haha! So while I was out with a huge face bearing a startling resemblance to a Muppet/ Quasimodo I made a facebook group to get the Mexican night started which everyone has to attend and tell as many people as possible !We love to talk and witter on in our meetings don't we ? the Elvis song springs to mind ♪ a little less conversation a little more action ♪ I just want to get on with it and actually start enjoying the project which may sound a wee bit negative but at the moment I don't think people are finding it fun and we need too . I personally think we should all get together in Ham and have a drink , we could all just relax and enjoy ourselves! The project itself is going well we just need to get into schools and centres and get doing ! But its going to be great and a day we will never forget !

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