Wednesday, 31 March 2010

shaking all over !

Well its been quite a week for d.i.c we had Mexican night this week which was great fun but also stressful too! Me and Jade started at 10 am on Wednesday and rallied round the troops to begin decorating the S.U! Everyone really mucked in and even those who couldn't attend in the day were off running errands in Kingston. The design team did a great job and the placed looked awesome , it was red , white and green as far as the eye could see ! We had flags, bunting , the whole shebang and of course the best decoration the palm trees! Now with the theme being Mexican spring break most of the other girls wore pretty dresses with flowers in their hair , I however did not ! I had to be awkward and dress as a fajita , how I hear you cry well quite easy actually ! I had a sheet wrapped round me with peppers stuffed around my neck and chest and a headdress with chilli's. I loved my costume although by the end of the night I had no peppers left ! We had minor mishap with the music but it was soon resolved thanks to the invention of the ipod ! I couldn't lend mine as it isn't exactly S.U/ disco friendly! But alas it all worked out in the end and after paying security we made a profit. However it was no rest for the wicked for myself and jade as we had a meeting the next day with the council about funding, complete with jade feeling rough and me still with super glue in my hair from the pepper headdress! We did not get the funding but we did get interest from a member of the council which we are following up this week! So all in all a great week for fundraising and the rest of Ham House project.
I went to see ' Shape of clouds ' which was a devised physical theatre piece and I was very impressed ! It was great to see the company put together such a successful show as I know how hard they had been working towards it. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and am extremely proud of them and it was great to see all years represented in the piece.
It was a big day for me on Saturday , it was my final lesson of comedy school and my first stand up gig , I was petrified ! Literally throughout the day I would have minor stress outs think " what on earth am I doing " but it was all worth it in the end. When we got to the venue I was shaking my nerves were just all over the show ! Performing stand up is so different than acting because you don't play a character you are just yourself ! At the side of the stage I was a nervous wreck but once I got on stage the nerves just melted away and I loved every second ! It felt amazing to be up there and when people actually laugh ( not out of pity ) its actually phenomenal ! I just can't put into words how much I enjoyed it and how grateful I am for those that came to support me ! And especially to Mark who heard a few rude bits about me he could of lived without knowing ! After my piece I was walking on air and because I was third it was great to sit back and enjoy the other performances and watch everyone shine ! My time at comedy school was excellent , some days I hated it but this only made me push myself further. And the next day in true student style I went to the church( the club) to carry on my celebration! Things are so hectic at the moment with all my work and 'when women wee' a new project I am involved in , so as always I am off to do my dissertation !

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