Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Well haven't I been terrible with blogging! My apologises but its been a rather intense few weeks and is about to get worse ! My dissertation is slowly coming along which is as always the bane of my life ! But it did get put aside briefly last week while i stressed about my Shakespeare performance ! I was rather nervous as I was playing a serious character not someone that messes around on stage ( basically me). Despite my initial negative reaction the performance went well and shock horror , I actually enjoyed it ! I played the character of Beatrice and I loved her and I believe she has some feminist tendencies so I was sold right away! After a long gruelling day of Mr William Shakespeare myself and my fellow D.I.C crew jetted off to Ham to invade peoples letterboxes ! We had over 2,000 leaflets to give out and managed to run out , so well done guys ! It was great to be back in the Ham community and naturally we met at one of the local pubs ! After we had finished in Ham I headed Home to watch the first debate and feel sorry for myself as I felt rather peaky and the brandy I had in the pub for medicinal purposes of course, didn't seem to be working !
Now Saturday was Simmstock and what a day that was ! Claudia if your reading this, yes I saw you with that camera filming me dancing away ! I do hope that never reaches the light of day ! Simmstock was a great day , especially the Motown band who were just brilliant ! It was lovely to be in the sunshine and not think of the pile of work that was at home waiting for me !
Now back to what I am actually meant to be chatting about - Ham House ! I met up with the wonderful Mr Abbott over Easter to write a story for the parade , it took us six hours to write but we were both extremely proud of the outcome , especially with all the rhyming and silly jokes. The story tells the tale of how birthdays were stolen by an evil eagle but was found again with a moral message of good overcoming evil of course ! Myself and Ben read the story out to the class who loved it to our relief because we were a bit worried that only we found it funny!
Yesterday was Monday which meant it was meeting time and we got rather a lot done yesterday. Its important that we now start going into schools and other groups instead of just talking about the logistics! The design team are doing an excellent job of creating the characters from the story and bringing them to life , they have got great plans for Saturday 22nd May , which will a mass creative day with anyone from the community that wishes to help.
You know it really is no rest for the wicked , as after the meeting I had a rehersal with Sharmilla for her own community piece. She is directing a piece of reminescence theatre compiled of the memories she has got from some very kind people in a home. I am really enjoying the work its great to be devising and just trying something new ! Its also great to be working with people from other years and of course Frank , Zoe and not forgetting princess Sharmilla ! Back to the disseratation!

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  1. My liverpooool friend, I want to hear the story!!! It sounds fab!! =)xx